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Here is a first amendment Humanitarian forum where we can identify the pitfalls of capitalism and implementing resolve by way of organizing ideas and people with common interests to diffuse a host of social anomalies.
Mission Statement Are You Still Working for other People? What is the NU-Covenant? Under the NU-Covenant we have established a first amendment Humanitarian forum where we will talk about oneness, goodness, humility, and respect for all mankind in accordance with the salient and fixed observation of natures subtle definition of itself known and acceptable to all living beings, amongst a gathering of friends with similar interests. Though highly spiritual we have no specific tie with any one, monotheistic or polytheistic denomination. Our incentive is to re-establish economical sovereignty back into the lives of the people that need it most. We ask that you entertain the precept of spiritual economics. To substantiate all precepts, we lead by example. NU alludes to the primordial water that have been here since your inception as well as EarthåÀs. Nu represents the state or quality of the basic and fundamental needs that are pre-requisite to life being precipitated anywhere. How might one become a master of their own destiny devoid of economical sovereignty? When will you be able to take life into your own hands again? Have you ever? Money is not evil though the intention of man may be. Spirituality and economics has always been integrated by the spiritual masters. It is your divine birthright as organic living souls of The Most High to own property, gain assets, and build capital in as many diverse ways as possible. Your life should not be on hold for a 401k, Roth IRA, Social Security, interest rates from your life savings in the bank, tax refunds, public assistance, section 8, credit card suspensions, credit scores, su su money, lottery tickets, mortgage, and the likes. You know that the list does in fact go on and on. You need to make money in real-time,not for it to accumulate after a lifetime. At the NU-Covenant we implore that you join us in our endeavor to expedite socio-economical reform. Our construct is reminiscent to that of the primordial waters in which all germs of life need to generate more highly evolved life forms. It is not enough to make a living. You should enjoy living as well. Since living is the premise. Our socio-economical construct represents the waters that you may germinate from to encourage your economical prosperity. Intheology, a covenant is an agreement that brings about a relationship of commitment between God and his people. A covenant is a binding contract amongst God and his people providing the people upkeep GodåÀs commandments. Being faithful never meant one should be complacent with poverty. Likewise, being rich in spirit should never be interpreted as having a lower income. Since time immemorial GodåÀs children have always been able to make an Exodus when it sufficed. This gives us the intimation that GodåÀs children are never without a home. In ancient times God’s children had movable habitations or abodes that were known as tabernacles. Wherever God’s children went, they had a home or place of worship. Today this tabernacle would be called a timeshare. Hurricane Katrina, the flooding in Mississippi, and the Earthquakes in Haiti are all prime exemplifications of spontaneous cataclysmic occurrences. Unfortunately, the victims of these events have become criminals, prostitutes, homeless, diseased,or simply died on account to limited resources. When you come under the protection of the NU-Covenant we guarantee the members of our tabernacle emergency housing and travel accommodations for their family inclusive of themselves in above par climate and conditions for little to nothing. Children of The Most High have always been protected by their binding contract with their creator ensuring that that they will always have a place to live. This is just one of the many perks that come with being protected by the Nu-Covenant. Did you know that the price of living can become less costly the more money that you make? Are you still petitioning to get a day off from work after 30 days notice? Are you still making up stories to get one day off from work? Are you still using your sick days to get off from work? What if your body says you have more sick days than the company that you work for permits? Are your working hours conflicting with the time you need to connect with your children,significant other, friends and other family? Do you have practical dreams that you cannot afford to make manifest? Is your House, your car, or other elements of your lifestyle putting a strain on your wallet? Would you like to do more for others but just cannot afford to? How much do you value your freedom? It is your divine right to experience the world beyond your immediate environment.You should not be the subject of dilapidation, poor education, or limited to20-30,000 dollar a year income. Your children should be born into inherited wealth. Economical prosperity should be an integral part of the legacy that you leave your progeny with. Under the protection of the NU-Covenant UBTO we have obliged ourselves to make information available to all people as a charitable gesture, who seem to have lost all hope in all things regarding the complexities of natures mysteries,by directing them to authorized agencies under our auspices that provide support and services to cater to their particular needs. Therefore, we circulate printed informative material to our members, friends and well wishers and provide information regarding how to offer good Samaritan and charitable services to those interested in improving the level of their perceptive tendencies. We have empowered ourselves as well as others to emerge from the primordial waters of socio-economics to have the power to take, buy, lease, or otherwise acquire real estate and to hold, own, sell, lease, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of the same, subject to the provisions of article 5 of the General Corporation Law. We empower our members to acquire, own, possess vehicles and equipment for the use, and realization of the said objectives of our NU-Covenant UBTO. We are able to ship, transport by sea, air or land, such vehicles and equipment, to other branches, centers, the world over, extending but not limited to such equipment as the Trust will use in her normal routine of operation. Our members are protected from any form of erroneous commercial presentments on behalf of any strawman pledges. All members of the NU-Covenant are corpusdelecti, organic living souls, and never to be classified as civil lydead corporate fictions brought into existence by the presumption of idemsonas. Any such alleged violation is disavowed, disaffirmed, and notadmitted, as it is predicated upon an unconstitutional code of regulation, which as per UCC 1-103; 3-503; 1-207 (seeNu-Covenant constitution). No member of the NU-Covenant should be compelled or coerced into breaking the covenant or contract that they have with their creator to appeal to the immoral and inferior department or instrument of man acting as an alleged authority functioning under the color of law and therefore void ab initio. Conscious Commerce is your spirituality and Economical Sovereignty is your inherited birthright. NU-Covenant “It is not enough to make a living. You should enjoy living as well.”


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