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Allow me to say this to you once again. The 4%åÀers hate the Penny State of Mind. The Penny mind state shows you the flaws in the 4%åÀers paper money system. 4%åÀers are very rarely as successful as they purport to be. åÀThe Penny has always represented a certain state of mind. The penny is a very valuable state of mind. When Pennies become relevant they will bring you millions quicker than any increment of dollars.åÀ Your network is your net worth. Yes, this is true. I need for you to consider this integral part of the science of the penny. You network determines your net worth. Yes, the penny is all about connecting people with common interests. Are you starting to get what I am conveying to you? Yes, second mortgages in the form of Home Equity Lines of Credit is my interpretation of the house becoming the new credit card.
A Bill has to be proposed by the legislature. The Bill is either prefixed with HR- or the letter S. The letter S stands for Senate and the letters HR stand for House of Representatives. I will give you some examples of these things a little later on. Now, these Bills are pretty much business proposals. Members of Congress namely the Senators and the House of Representatives get voted into office try to pass legislation that will somehow in enhance the perspective lifestyle a specific group of people or several groups of people confronted with some kind of strife or conflict. Sometimes just being more compliant with nature is the premise. Nonetheless, conducive living situations or safety is normally on the bargaining table. This Bill is really a petition to encourage voter support granted investors are willing to bid on this potential actuality. Did you realize I highlighted the word granted? Bills are responsible for grants. A grant is an issuance of a reward. All this merely means that if there is a petition to better life than where are the people that can directly benefit from this åÀBill.åÀ There has to be a people that are in need or can qualify to be issued the reward or the grant precipitated by the Bill. Yes, Bills are being passed all the time that have corresponding grants that you may qualify for. I can guarantee if you diligently try to access the reservoir of grants that are available you will find that you qualify for several home improvements, help with loans, money in general and a host of other resources. Often times, when a Bill is proposed there are several additional provisions or åÀEarmarksåÀ that maybe added to the Bill. Members of the house are willing to vote for the Bill providing the ones petitioning for the Bill to be passed can secure an agreement to provide money for a specific cause that helps people in general or a specific group of people. Ultimately, by the time a Bill is passed there are so many åÀEarmarksåÀ or additional provisions added to the Bill that there may be literally millions of dollars available for people that qualify in light of the Bill being passed. Now, the only problem is the fact that many people have no idea that they are entitled to the money that corresponds with these Bills. Members of congress get the credit for improving life despite the fact the living are not even cognizant of the opportunity. Do you overstand what I am saying to you? No, you do not even if you say yes. Let me explain something to you. There is Half-A-Trillion dollars in unclaimed grant money that is available to all that qualify. You qualify for most of these grants if you are part of the lower income community, need thousands of dollars to get a head start on your business, a single parent, a single mother, care about ecology, own a house, first time home owner, pipes busted, heat is not working, are in debt, do not wish to be in debt, love animals, hate insects, and so fourth and so fourth. There is a lot of energy out there for you. Please take full advantage of it. My favorite thing about grants is that we do not have to pay the money back. All we have to do is qualify When these Bills get passed and become Acts most people just Home in on the parts of the Bill or the Act that they do not like. Many of us are the first ones to jump on the negative information that corresponds with a Bill. Many of us never even knew that a very small percentage of the Bill has a great deal to do with a large sum of money that we qualify for.

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